Apr 10, 2013

Changing my lifestyle to honour God.

Recently, I made the decision that it is time for me to get off my butt and get into shape. The decision came from a mix of things; wanting to be skinnier, wanting to be in better shape for my wedding and feeling better for myself.

But there were two other reasons I came across that I had never really thought about before. Keeping myself in shape, healthy and fit is about more than just the affect it has in me personally. As I'm preparing to get married, I realized that keeping myself looking good is about my husband as well. While he loved me before the weight loss, and he would still love and desire me with added weight or if I simply stayed the same, I want to be able to give him the best of me. In a world where men are misled by wrong ideals and expectations of women, where temptation to stray is thrust upon them, I want my husband to have no need to look for other things. By keeping myself healthy and in shape, I honour him by being the best in every way I can.

But more importantly, keeping myself healthy and in shape is another way to honour God. If our bodies are temples, and temples are meant to be well maintained, it only makes sense that being healthy should be a part of that.

God created me to be beautiful. He designed me to be more than I have ever seen myself to be. If I want to be who God has called me to be, I need to first learn how to take care of myself. I want to treat this gift God has given me with the reverence and honour it deserves.

I wish I could remember where I saw the study, but it has been proven that those that love themselves have a much stronger and more fulfilling relationship with God. And perhaps, this is what has been holding me back. In order to be able to fully accept God's love and His feelings towards me, I must first be able to accept and love myself.

And so, this is it. No more excuses, no more hindrances. I will do this for more than just myself, because getting in shape is about more than just me.

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